Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Here comes the sun…..


It will start to get lighter sooner(after Sunday) we go out there and the sun will be out. I am looking forward to it yet I am sure those who get the fartsacks will go wait, what time is it(WTF). Lets see if I can get this done quickly while it’s fresh in my mind.

A lap around the school to start with…then back to the flag for the warm up. The warm up consisted of: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldiers, Arm Circles(each direction), Merkins, LBCs and Alabama Prom Dates(last one to help loosen the hips)

With a kettlebell in hand, strolled over to a spot where we have used it before. A little triple check, descending ladder(10-1 step ups per side, then tricep dips(20 drop 2 after each set), then a little run over to the light pole for inchworms. A little break midway thru, finished it up then grabbed the bell and strolled to the next spot

The next spot it was exercise(increase by 5 after each set), with a run to the curb and back. 5 single leg deadlifts per side, 10 cleans per side, 15 lawnmower pulls per side, the finisher of 20 KB swings. A little walk to the flag where we played with a little grip tool I have(put it around the handle of the kettlebell or weight) while the rest stayed back. 2 at a time walked down for a little farmers carry, the rest stayed and we finished off with plank pull-thrus, renegade rows, and curls for the girls.

Counts, announcements(see the Slack page for everything upcoming) prayer by YHC and that’s it. I will lead again Friday(bringing the bands)


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