Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kentucky Madness


YHC showed up this morning to welcome 4 other brothers for a morning basketball themed beatdown and this is what happened:


We circle up for some pre-basketball warm ups, with stand and hang, triangle lunge (where you go into a lunge with palms on the ground, then straighten front leg…ouch) we alternate with other leg. Walking lunge from line to curb, frankenstein walk back. Arm circles 10 small 5 big, reverso. Pigeon right side, then left side.


So we mosey to basketball court behind the middle school and everyone takes a shot on the basket with the ball. One person makes it so we have 10 minus 1 made basket for 9 reps of the exercise. We are running suicides, at each stop we perform 9 merkins. We finish at the baseline, 2 make a basket so 8 reps, this time squats for each stop. Shoot again, one basket 9 LBC’s at each stop. Shoot again 4 baskets so 6 reps of Tijuana Wine makers (Plank,then to elbow plank, back to plank and one merkin…makes one rep) at each stop. Shoot again 8 reps reverse lunges for each stop. Shoot again 8 reps and you make your own bed with this one, no repeats at each stop for this final effort.


Mosey back to flag for numberama, namerama…Opus took us out in Prayer.


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