Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

5 Corners and Other Surprises


YHC’s luck with rain seemed to have ended as it had started by the time we arrived at the AO. However it was light and while YHC had devised a plan to keep (mostly) dry, things would need to be modified mid workout.

Here’s how it went down…

Mosey around the school to the blacktop to warmup with dead man’s hang, Don Quixotes, arm circles, SSHs and Merkins.

Mosey to covered pavilion which was unoccupied and the site for all of YHC’s original plan for the day. Partner up with P1 running to corner of Grove and Commonwealth and back, P2 does wall sit (against a pole). 3 rounds.

While YHC‘s counting admittedly may have been imprecise the mumble chatter began to grow forcing an audible on my part. Mosey back out to the blacktop for a new concept – “5 corners”. As a group run to each corner and the center of the blacktop to do Carolina Dry Docks and LBCs – 30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/20, and 10/30. Not a dry shirt in the house.

The mumble chatter hit a crescendo at this point thus we continued to avoid the dry pavilion and moseyed to the tennis courts for some partner booyah Merkins. Start at each side of one court, bear crawl to center and do 10 booyah Merkins then Crawl Bear back. Repeat 5 times. Heavy breathing was the dominant sound at that point.

Mosey back to the blacktop for a triple check. Wall sits, Lt Dans, run to fence and Bernie Sanders back.

We moseyed to the pavilion and discovered that the tomatoes had taken this spot, so as gentlemen and to avoid potential charges being pressed we moseyed to the parking lot to finish. First we partnered up for a mini Dora – 25 flutters, 50 Imperial Walkers and 75 SSHs partner runs to end of lot and back. Then the last exercise was P1 did 20 donkey kicks while P2 did American Hammers until time.

numberama, namerama, YHC took us out. While my counting may have been imprecise my math I believe is still OK. This group certainly lived up to the “Geri Mary” nickname for this AO given 6 of us are in the respect category. Even with recent birthday boy Handshake coming in hot with 10 seconds to spare the average age of the group was north of 50.

Handshake is Qing Dogpile Saturday for his 5th anniversary.

YHC reminded all to take the time to give a hug to those you love as you never know when you might see them again. Every moment is precious.


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