Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All Lions, no Lambs


Twelve spring seekers convened under the lamp light eagerly awaiting today’s First Watch Q. Would headlamps be necessary? Only if desired. Welcome the 8 year Kotter and the first time FW-er then off we went. Longer mosey around the triangle then west on River to the typical convening spot in front of the church for:


  • 20x SSH
  • 10x Helicopters (with an audible suggested for Upchuck)
  • 10x DQs
  • 15x Arm Circles both directions for our first time watcher
  • 20x Hillbillies (slow to fast)
  • 10x Mountain Climbers
  • 10x Freddie Mercuries
  • Probably something else in there too

Short mosey to the back parking lot via the carpool road, stopping at each speed bump for a courtesy burpee.

The Thang

Partner up for touch a tree. Partner exercises while other partner touches 3 trees. 4 rounds. Merkins / bear crawl, skip / jump squat, run / WWIIs, run / burpees.

Skeedaddle south on Ridge, stopping for 2 more burpees, then heading east on River to Country Squire for a game of 2 forward, 1 back. Two mailboxes forward running, 10 merkins, 1 mailbox back backward running, 20 LBCs. LBCs for the six. Continue 5 times until we meet at S Ridge.

Native people run back to the parking lot.

Triple check. APDs, plank, 10x burpees as the pace car. BTTVSF.

Numbers, names, difficulty renaming an 8 year Kotter, then YHC took us out.


Lively bunch this AM as is usual for First Watch. Great to have Machismo out for his 1 year anniversary and Jelly (temporarily renamed to Billy Ray) after an 8 year hiatus.

Sorry (not sorry) for all the running. You all know YHC enjoys cardio.

Splinter out.


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