Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Gumbo or Old Glory


10, no 11, wait, make it 12 early risers arrived at NoToll in anticipation of a Gumbo Q and high probablility of Old Glory but got a substitute instead. The Q was open to suggestions all morning long, main accommodation – stay dry. At 0530 slide over to the bball courts for a warm-up with some random numbers thrown in. Again, the numbers mean nothing, until they do. Now 12 – that’s a magic number when it comes to the number of PAX – partners, triple check, Quad-check, so many options.

We stayed on the bball courts all morning with a variation of suicides/lines – Doracide, Burpeecide, Triple Check, Beasticide. A mini Old Glory thrown in the middle of everything. Side note – even 10 minutes of a mini Old Glory on the bball courts would be brutal. Close out with some Mary

Are GP doctors really needed? Getting moms involved in the conversation, ok? The party did not stop with House Party and Tea Party both on board.

SOJ info and new dates coming soon. See Slack

DTH final Qs before his Mission Trip – Forge and RockNRoll


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