Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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10 redwoods of the Southside met in a park on a cool Saturday morning for the finest beatdown Rosie could come up with on the fly. According to the many confused walkers in the park, this is what happened.

Mosey to the bball court for a randorama warmup that had the PAX trying to figure out the significance of the counts, hint, there was none. YHC was just tired of 10 or 20 of everything so why not mix in a 9 or 18 here and there. Burpees thrown into the warmup just for added fun. Mosey to the parking lot for a beast when a LIFO farmer showed up. Parking lot beast, with added fun with a hill on each end – merkins, jump squats, WWII, CDD, Monkey humpers, Freddies. Partner up for a Love lot? – one partner runs to the other end of both lots, the other travels by bear crawl, lunge, then Broad Jump burpees.

Mosey around the loop to find somewhere else on the string- parking lot Jack Webbs – 1:4 ratio merkins and arm raises up to 10-40. Repeato for Captain Thor – WWII and American Hammers. Apologies to Big Rig and maybe others for the poor instruction – single count AH. Enough time for a few burpees to close out the 60 minutes at the flag.


Tclaps to Florence for sticking it out and doing what he could, hope some of those things were hip pain friendly. Big Rig continues to impress by pre-rucking carrying his 3lb dbs along with the Ruck, he’s glad he left those in the car on the Jack Webbs. Hardywood rolled in LIFO after having to corral some animals before he left the house, life of an Amelia Farmer. Some pro tips being doled out during the Beast will give Heist an added boost soon. DTH is working his way to become an Instagram influencer- he’ll have to get an account on the IG first.


  • F3RVA working on ways to promote calendar events – ideas welcome
  • Nancy Lopez – Galactosemia 5k Sunday 3/5
  • DTH leaves on his mission next week – Prayers and well wishes to him and his family

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