Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One Minute and 30 Seconds


A band of 6 pulled each other up and worked as a team in the latest edition of The Bridge. Conditions remained 70 and sunny. According to the puppy who loved TYA, the following might have happened:

Warm up loop around campus. Bro-code.

Circle up. TYA led us in the COP. First rule broken 90 seconds in. No matter. Onward.

Cherry pickers, Don Quixotes (perhaps at your own pace), Imperial Walkers, LBCs, flutter kicks. Try not to sit in the poop.

Partner up for a triple check. Timer runs to the gate, but don’t leave. Really. Other fellas do pole smokers and WWIIs. Your abs will hurt on this ride.

Swirly takes the Q. Pop over and pick up a cinder block. Everyone get a partner.

Partner 1: Run the length of the field.

Partner 2: Block exercises. Overhead presses, squats, curls, bench press, block burpees. The latter are so much better at 35 degrees than 80 degrees.

Mosey to the resting telephone pole. Curb crawls. Do 1 mercan on each side. Next round, 2 mercans on each side. 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7.


Mosey to the center for some Mary. Right leg lifts, left leg lifts, Alabama prom dates, LBCs, flutters, Rosalitas, Hello Dollies, Freddie Mercuries.

Stretching…Wilson’s, regular, Fudd-ski, right hand high, left hand high, right leg high, left leg high, right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow, Yankee Aggressor, Southern Gentlman, right arm through, left arm through, toss some 3 inches and hold it (2 or 3 times), and then finish with a 10-pack of mercans. Mom-ma.

Numbers, names, and Saab-ski took us out.

NMS: If you haven’t been to The Bridge, you are leaving a part of the F3 experience on the table. This is men helping men remember what is important about a brotherhood. Building bonds, having fun, running up the heart rate, and helping each other through life. A little slice of pure goodness and fellowship. And, a ton of laughs.

All you care to drink coffeeteria on the house.

Also, YHC laughed for 2 hours in the car. Awesome morning.


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