Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Should I sleep in for President’s Day? Is that even an option? Absolutely not!


Three men, 2 of them have the day off because Henrico County closed it schools for Presidents Day, started the day off right by finding their way to Atlee High School for beatdown that likely went like this.

COP – IC – SSH, Helicopters, Don Quixotes, Arm Circles, Reverso, One-Legged Lunges, switch legs, Upright APD Dips, 20 scull crushers (OYO), LBCs, Heels-to-Heaven, One-Legged APD, reverse, Roselia’s.

The Thang

Median Exercises – Run to median, do exercise, run back to start, then run to next one and do increasing exercises. Run back then to 3rd.

  • Round 1 – Merkins – 5, 10, 20
  • Round 2 – Squats – 5, 10, 20
  • Round 3 – Burpees – 2, 4, 8

Mosey to pull-up bars/basketball court

Triple Check

  • Round 1 – Suicides(Timer), pull-ups, scissor kicks
  • Round 2 – Run to end and back (Timer), American Hammers, Merkins

Mosey to VSF for Mary

Freddie Mercuries (IC), Heels-To-Heaven (IC), 25 WW2 (OYO), stretching (OYO).

COT – Numberarama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC posted this morning expecting another person to lead, but in his absence, YHC took the Q. This was kinda a BroCode beatdown as we stayed together the entire time. It was interesting that 3 posted and 2 (Mr. Holland and YHC) both had the day off.

Announcements – Q slots are mostly filled this week in DaVille. YHC took DaPile. On Saturday (3/4/23) DaVille post at Dogpile for the 1st Saturday of the month.

Outstanding job today everybody!

Gotta Run!



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