Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

9 ball at DaPile


9 Warriors posted this morning for a Hot Potato Beat down and it went something like this:


Bulkhead took the lead to get us off with a mosey to the center of the East Parking lot at Atlee High School (AHS). We had the normal warm ups of 20 SSH, 10 DQ, Arm Circles, LBC’s, Alabama Prom Dates.


Bulkhead passed off to Corned Beef and we mosey to the bus loop on the East side of AHS for a triple check. P1 – Ran a Lap as the Timer, P2 – 4 merkins then rested the remaining time, P3 – Squats. Rotation with P1 to P2, P2 to P3 and P3 to P1 one more rotation to complete a set and we repeated 2 more sets to finish the triple check. Then passed off to Opus.

Mosey to tennis courts for 4 corner ab escalator. All reps were single count:

Corner 1(C1) – 10 Heels to Heaven, Corner 2 – 20 flutter kicks, Corner 3 – 30 Rosalitas only our feet crossed over and rotated left above right the right above left and Corner 4 – 40 Freddie Mercuries. The twist here is that we rotated the count so mosey to C2 for 10 reps, C3 – 20 reps, C4 – 30 reps and C1 – 40 Reps. We did two more rotations as this was a gasser for sure on the Abs! Passed off to Pavarotti.

Mosey to East side of AHS and did 11’s with a twist. Started with 10 dips on the benches ran to bus loop curb for 25 single count toe taps(SCTT), back to bench 9 dips back to curb for 25 SCTT, back to bench for 8 dips, curb for 25 SCTT…continued in this fashion until 1 dip and 25 SCTT.

Mosey back to flag for 2 minutes of stretching and circle up.


Numberama, namerama Opus took us out in prayer

Most went to Local Cup after for a 2nd F and we saw LabRat who stayed to have coffee with the group this am.

We talked about playing pickle ball in Kings Charter next week and looking at Wednesday evening starting at 6PM. This is a pick up style event and people rotate play. If you want to meet please DM Corned Beef on Slack and he will get you the details. We will have paddles and balls so you can just show up for some 2nd F quality time!

Great seeing the strong numbers on Saturday Gents, have a great weekend. Cheers…CB


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