Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Save the burpees for the end


12 mostly middle-aged warriors awaited a workout in the somewhat mild confines of Short Pump north. Fireman Ed had the idea of using cards from a game called Crowns. Was it seamless? Heck no but the last 30 minutes was a pretty dam% good workout.

COP: DQs, Helicopters, merkins, FMs, ACs. Mosey with cards.

Cards ranged from 4 to 10 with a few jokers that are 15 of the drawer’s choice. Red – burpees, green – 2 count mountain climbers, yellow – WWIIS, blue – squats, black – jump squats. At first we were running a lot and doing all WWIIs, squats and jump squats. I guess Fireman Ed did not shuffle well. All this while running around the AO.

I added three sets of donkey kicks and two sets of balls to the wall. Then I was accused of stealing from Pigskin’s line up (sans milkers). In the latter half we pulled more mountain climbers and burpees. Also, I added three sets of pullups and dips (10 and 20, then 8 and 25 and then 5 and 30). I also added elevens with derkins and step ups. After having most everyone pull three Crowns cards out twice, Seymour called 15 burpees after pulling a Joker. I and the PAX planked and then stretched out to end the fun.

Although it did not start as the smoothest Q, I think the workout was eventually good. Prayers for quick recovery from any soreness and for us to be able to help those that need it. It is good to lead a determined group of PAX. Enjoy your weekend. Prediction: Chiefs – 31 Eagles – 28.


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