Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Got the MOTs. What you got?


5 warriors ventured into the gloom this am for the most recent release of the McRib at SOT. 
Here’s what went down.


Mosey from the flag to the football field and circle up at the 50 yd line

Don Quixote
Imperial walkers
Arm Circles

Mosey to end zone

Partner up – Catch me if you can

  • P1 – run backwards
  • P2 – 10 diamond merkins and sprint to catch partner 1

Repeat until up and back of football field

Al Gore for the six

Quarter pounder 

  1. Sprint to 25 for 25 merkins
    Bernie back
  2. Sprint to 50 for 50 squats 
    Bernie back
  3. Sprint to 2nd 25 for 75 single count flutter kicks
    Bernie back
  4. Sprint to end zone for 100 SSH

Plank for six

Curb crawl 

  • Start on the goal line and BC to the 10 yd line for 1 merkin
  • CB Back to the goal line for 2 merkins 
  • Repeato up to 5 and back down to 1

Indigenous peoples run around outside of track

  • The last runner does 2 burpees and sprints to the front
  • Each time the PAX passes the running group for DDs birthday we stop and do 4 + 1 merkins

Elevens across the football field

  • squats
  • Wwiis


Freddie mercurys
Ring of Fire merkins

Numbers and names  


Breaking bread is back in person and March is open for volunteers.  See Oyster for details.

Orange Crush is hosting a 2nd F bourbon tasting on Feb 16 with a book discussion to help facilitate fellowship and conversation. See OC for details on the event and DTH for more info on the book.

Prayer requests

Bullseye – Dad is recovering from back surgery

Nancy Lopez is having surgery soon 


It’s been too long since YHC has led an F3 workout and today was a lot of fun.  I appreciated the opportunity to take the Q this am and it was a pleasure to lead.  It was also great to see so many others helping Don Draper celebrate his 41stbirthday with an extra long MOT. I also really enjoyed having both MOT and SOT working out closely together, which helped create a fun atmosphere for all and hopefully helped everyone push a little bit more today than they normally would.  I’m really impressed with everyone’s hard work and look forward to doing it again soon.  

Til next time!



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