Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

China is Always Watching


A group of 9 stargazing enthusiasts rose early to gaze into the abyss and discuss various forms of aerial surveillance. Here is what is currently trending on tik tok.

Short mosey to the front of the church for introductions and disclaimers. Warm Ups included helis, DQ’s, Jazzercise, WWII’s and a short shavasana. Tales were shared and personal space was violated but everyone seemed warm.

COP 1: Everyone was in position to bring back a Doozy inspired crowd favorite, Mankillers. Calves burning so lets mosey back to the launch to collect coupons out of Kubota’s secure vehicle. Short mosey to the southern most tip of the park.

Triple Check Bonanza: Numbers were perfect to perform a variety of 3 legged exercises. 1st round: Curls, WWII’s, Timer runs to the stoplight and back. 2nd Round: Block Press, Heals to Heaven, Timer Lunges to 1st mailbox, Bernie back. Mosey back to the parking lot for 3rd Round: Manmaker Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Timer Runs to the end of the lot, Bernie back.

Return coupons to the secure vehicle, circle up for quick bit of Broga and shavasana.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, Prayers. YHC took us out.

No announcements recalled

NMS: Perfect conditions filled this morning. Splinter was limber and aware enough to avoid a collision with an incoming PAX member on his premile jaunt. Mumble Chatter is always strong at the Watch including a variety of topics such as horticulture, satellites, space stations and home renovations. Daily goals for the monthly challenge achieved. Well done fellas. Great job in starting the day strong.


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