Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

On the Fly


Had to make a bootcamp on the fly due to QIC having a last minute scheduling conflict.
WarmUp: side shoulder hops, Ukrainian soldiers, don Quixote, imperial soldiers, cherry pickers, stretching.

Mosey to the football field: 11/1

10 WW2’s run 40 yd 1 Burpee (add 1 burpee subtract 1 WW2, rinse and repeat)

4 corners

run 100 yd 20 Smurf jumps

run 40 yd 30 flutter kicks double count

run 100 yd 50 LBCs

run 40 yd 60 side shoulder hops

Mosey to parking lot, Indigenous pole smokers. PAX in the back does lunges to the front, repeat to the sign. 45yd.

Squat Jumps and run:

10 squat jumps run to the gazebo and back (30yd)

9 squat jumps run to the gazebo and back

repeat to 1

Ended with ring of fire: Ab and Chest

All pax did flutter kicks as one pax did an ab exercise.
All pax hold plank as one pax did Merkins.

overall, it was a solid workout, and glad we could make it happen. The indigenous pole smokers, first started here by Chaplin are killer, and am already thinking of different variations to implement next time.


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