Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Glory for Old Men


8 PAX joined together for a potential winter mix beat down at the Forge for the usurped (not really) Q.

Mosey to corner – warm up. SSH, Squats, Don Q, Flutters, LBC

New Glory Bro Code – one lap, PAX sticks together and tried to remember the exercises.

Dora #1 – 50 burpees, run bus loop

Dora #2 – 100 WWIIs, run down parking lot, bernie back

Dora #3 – 150 Derkins, run stairs and back

Dora #4 – mosey to football field, 300 LBCs. Suicide on football field adding 10 yards each time.

Mosey back to flag and mary to end with Dealer’s choice or literally Dealer’s choice.

Great work Forge faithful! A snowy workout was welcome but after some wet bootcamps in January, dry will certainly do. DTH rang the site Q and assistant for some coverage, YHC answered. Hopefully the extra rest gets him back in the fold soon. Chatter was abundant concerning the proposed New Glory (for old men!) that had been planned, so YHC decided to run a quick single loop in honor (and grumbles). Bro code helps a little. Thanks to Snuff and Last Call for the 411 on the football field access, we’d have found some extra miles if not for that info.

SOT will have an official running Q out of Midlo Middle Wednesdays (hasn’t it always?). Prayers to Thugs and all men in their older ages doing testing and preventive matters required to stay healthy. What exactly does DTH run out of the back of his truck again? Good to see Greenbow back out again.



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