Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Puppy talk at the Amphitheater


YHC was greeted with two brave men at WDog in a rainy morning. YHC was reminded that WDog has a nice Amphitheater. Moseyed to the theater and here is how it went down:

  • COP – Deadman hang x 10, Tippy-toe x 10, helicopter x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, SSH x 10, American Hammers x 10, Flutter kicks x 10, LBC x 10, Merkins x 10, Scorpion Kicks x 5
  • Exercise 1 – The 11: Merkins on one side and Jump Squats on the other side of the stage: 10, 1, …
  • Exercise 2 – The 11: SSH and LBC on the stage.
  • Moseyed to the triangle for three rounds of exercise. Lunge to the street and run down the hill and SHH x 10 at the bottom of the hill and run up the hill and 10 merkins.
  • Moseyed back to the flag.

At the Amphitheater, since YHC is thinking of getting a puppy, lots of advice and knowledge were shared.

Numbers, Names, Announcements and Oyster took us out, praying over Bleeder’s one of his direct reports family.

Coffee was provided after the workout!


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