Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OLD SCHOOL….Kettlebells and Van Halen


This morning, the weather gave us a nice little break to come out and get in a good Kettlebell training session. Kettlebells…..a training tool that’s been around in some form for hundreds of years where if no used right can hurt you. I made a music promise and this mornings’ selection was Van Halen(the David Lee Roth years) you can go wrong with that.

A little mosey around the school, then a short warm up of Cherry pickers, Helicopters, and Don Quixotes then we were off to the races. The main part was a descending ladder workout(10-1) consisting of 6 different exercises: DB/KB Rows, Goblet Squats, WW2 with the weight, DB/KB Clean and Press, Leg Lifts with feet to the weight, and Swings. Start at 10, a little break after 6 where we did a farmers carry, then finished it off.

Next little part: ascending ladder 1-10 a Blast off(plank position, bring your butt to your ankles and shoot forward, followed by a plank pull thru with the weight go each side then a Merkin(the Merkins start at 1, finish at 10). A little mosey around the lot, a little plank work to finish

Names and prayer by YHC

Announcements: Nancy’s run is in March, F3 Abs and mile Challenge starts 2/1, A little prayer for Corned Beef who lost his mom. Oh one final thing something to think about. The band I played today: they had something in their demands involving a certain candy, do you know what it is?


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