Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who Dey?


5 men started their week right on a chilly, springkly day.

  • COP – bunch of exercises
  • Mosey to bus loop
    • Rd 1 – at each light post do 10x of an exercise (merkins, squats, WWIIs, dips, ball dippers, mountain climbers, heels to heaven, SSHs
    • Rd 2 – rinse and repeat x15 each
    • Rd 3 – x20
  • Mosey to tennis court for some bear crawl routines
  • Native American run back to flag with burpees
  • 1 MoM
  • Numbers, names, Corned Beef took us out
  • Notes:
    • Prayers to Corned Beef and his family
    • Mumble chatter about the weekend games and the bad calls by the refs
    • Happy hour possibly this week or next


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