Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This is how you do a write-up


This is how you do it
It’s after Tuesday night, and I feel alright
The party is here on the West Side
So I reach for my 40 yr old friends and we run it up
Designated runner, hide the keys to my truck
Go back to the Poca’ cause I’m faded
Honies in the street say, “Whitesnake, yo, we made it!”
It feels so good in my hood tonight
Run a double quarter pounder with the guys in Kani
All the other gangbangers forgot about the AO drive-by
You gotta get your shuttle runs in, before you go get paid
So tip up your cup, do an indian run
And let me hear the Pax say

I’m kinda tired after 3.1 miles (This is how you do it)
Three Chopt does it like nobody does (This is how you do it)
To all my neighbors, you got much flavor (This is how you do it)
Brick and Roger Roger, bring the old school writeup back (this is how we do it)


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