Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New Q, late to the party


6 strong with me being a first time Q.
COP: moseyed to the basketball courts

side straddle hops, Ukrainian soldiers, Cherry pickers, Don Quixote’s (by accident, confusing them for imperial walkers), imperial walkers, Merkins, super Mario jumps, Bernie Sanders, karaoke

Mosey to Football Field

starting from the endzone

25 yd run, 20 WW2 run back 10 jump squats

50 yd run, 30 flutter kicks run back 10 jump squats

75 yd run, 40 LBCs run back 10 jump squats

100 yd run, 50 imperial soldier


starting from endzone, indigenous line doing American hammers. The six does lunges to the front. Continued for 50 yd

25 yd bear crawl

25 yd crap walk

40 yard sprint 10 burpees x4

Lap around football field w/ 20 tri-cep dips

mosey back to the parking lot

20 monkey humpers

triple check (compliments of Chaplin)

hand release murkins

Heels to heaven

run to gazebo (25 yd)

Ring of fire (compliments of Doozy)

Ab work out of our choice w/ pax on six 2 inches high.

It felt good Q’ng for the first time, but I got through it with the support of those around me, adding workouts when my workout didn’t quite make it to the end. I appreciate the suggestions for the next time I Q.


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