Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Early Rising Wednesday


Big Rig had done a little run before I arrived(was hung-up at the light waiting to turn). A little mosey over to an area for a quick warmup. Warm-up consisting of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Helicopters, Merkins and ending it with some LBCs.

After figuring the area out, I decided to start out with some hangs from the bar followed by runs down the hill and back. Luckily it was just warm enough there was no ice on the bars but 30 second hangs is a good start to not only wake up the back and shoulders, but also your grip and core(you’re working on keeping your body still). 3 rounds of that combo then onto the next part.

The next part consisted of 3 exercises: Australian rows with calf raises and elevated heel squats. Same deal you’re working on those back muscles plus getting your chest and midsection involved. The calf raises hitting those muscles in the lower part of the legs and elevated heel squats puts a unique twist on the squat(once you get situated with the position, the squatting part becomes easy).

I decided to try something I haven’t done in a while. Hang on a bar, then shift your weight from side to side. Just doing that alone gets you to work on body control. Moving your hips, legs plus trying to control the upper half do about 5 per side and you will feel it

A few rounds next of a triple check: incline merkins, Bulgarian split squats(foot resting on a bar) and something new(Everest Mountain Climbers). Imagine hanging from a bar, holding your arms in a 90 degree angle, bring each leg up and down like your running(there you go). Finished with that, time for one last little bit

I called the last part 20s(pick 20 of something, the other person runs down the hill, bernies back up). Started with Freddie Mercurys, heel taps(I call them penguins), oblique V-ups from each side and that was it

Today was working on things as race season approaches. Big Rig wanted to work on things that will come up for Rugged Maniac plus for myself, a little prep now plus work on a few areas that can be improved on.


—Big Rig has the Q Saturday at Rock N Roll. Come out and experience a few things he does early mornings

—I will be doing the Q at Old hundred next Tuesday(kettlebells) plus a Friday at Satan’s Hill in February.

—Anything else, check Slack have a good one


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