Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frozen Triangle Part Duex


A total of 46 guys, including an FNG (big respect) showed up today for the first RVA CSAUP event in quite a while.

An eager 45 (including 3 ruckers) gathered before 0600 in the dark gloom of Dogpile ready to roll. The temperature lived up the CSAUP name, it was chilly, but the adrenaline was flowing. 0600 on YHC’s watch, so the ruckers hit the road and the rest of us grabbed the shovel flags and moseyed to the COP circle for disclaimer (you v you and pay attention to your body) and COP, including:

  • SSHs
  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • Deadman Hangs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Freddie Mercuries

Head to the Amphitheatre and pass the baton to Rosie for the THANG:

Ladder – 5 incline merkins on each step going up; 5 dips on each step going down; bunny-hop/box-jump back up to the top.

Circle up for numbers and names and then grab the shovel flags and runners take off for Punisher. Flags were flying. We were getting some honks, and the air was brisk. Many guys circled back to pick up the SIX. I think Gypsy did it 5 times and ran an extra 3 miles.


33 of the 43 bootcampers made the run to Punisher for bootcamp #2. OC and CB got the provisions set up and guys fueled up. Then CB set up the audio and lead a Tabata ground and pound for that included merkins (OUCH), DQs, Arm Circles, Squats, LBCs and other

Circle up for numbers and names and then grab the shovel flags and runners headed for Mary. Again, bro-code was in effect.


31 of the 33 made it from Punisher to Mary, and we picked up Handshake for the last bootcamp and last leg of the Triangle. There was no catching your breathe or fueling up because UpChuck was ready to roll. Thankfully, UpChuck started us off with SSHs and then added some Broga (which really pleased Last Call). Then he dropped the hammer:

The THANG: Twisted Dora – Line up across the blacktop and partner up. Exercises were 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 Squats (either jump or touch 5 fingers to the ground), and 300 SSHs. Runner – bernies across the blacktop to the fence and runs back. Oh, and the TWIST – every time the runner returns, partners do 5 Boo-yah Merkins…KILLER.

Mosey back to the starting point for numbers and names before taking off to for Dogpile and to close the Triangle.

The run back to Dogpile was blinding and painful. We gutted it out and everyone made it back to Dogpile where the ruckers were waiting for us and Circle K had the grill going with dogs and sausages.

One last number-rama and namarama, announcements and COT.

We prayed for our F3 brothers – Fudd, Gomer Pyle and Pigskin – heading to Honduras in service.

Other announcements –

  • Great job F3RVA for donating around 400 shoes for various groups. Well done!
  • Shank has his VQ on Tuesday at Bermuda Triangle
  • Add any others I missed in Slack

Huge shout out to all those who helped bring this CSAUP back. Rosie and I put it out there and the PAX stepped up to Q, drive, get provisions, chip in, and just generally to do whatever is needed and check on the SIX and make sure everyone was accounted for and good to go. LOVE this group for all those reasons.

We can sometimes get lost in our daily/weekly routines or often times we don’t have time to hang out and chat before or after weekly workouts. CSAUPs give us the chance the see new guys, and to deepen our fellowship with other guys. In addition, they give us the opportunity to push through our normal boundaries and test ourselves. We all aced the test today. Well done men!

Get some rest this weekend, enjoy some family and football, rest those legs, and I’ll see you all back out in the gloom soon!

Who’s planning the next CSAUP?

No more Gumbo for you and It’s all coming up Rosie!


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