Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Seymore’s First Currahee


11, no 12  , 13?   No actually 12 Tall Timbers posted to currahee for a unseasonable morning run. 

4+ Left on Pump, L Burnside, R Summerwood, L Glen Eagles, cut across gas station to Pump,R Three Chopt, R JRP, L Pump.

5+ add a loop through Short Pump Park; extra credit for hitting Broad Street

Brokedick brigade; Run around the school, roll on the ground doing merkins and more. Gomer ran 2.5. 10 min warmup; 3 on , 1 off x5; cooldown.



  • Jan 21 frozen triangle
  • May 6 Currahee CSAUP, Ruck + Bootcamp + Ragnar relay. Do some or all for a prize. PAX grousing that its too challenging / ambitious – Best indicator its on the right track.

YHC took us out. Prayers for Corned Beef, his mom and family. Prayers for Honduras mission team. Prayers for Pinto in Zermatt for a good time and no permanent damage – there is always something going on there.

NMS – Good crew today; Glad to have Seymore out – since this is the closest AO to his house, we are hoping to see him more.

Coffeeteria topics ranged. You had to be there for the entertaining bits. VMI cannot be a prison because it has its own passport system and roommate respect protocols. Comment of the day. If the (adult boomeranging) children come home, they can sleep on the couch like everyone else who is crashing overnight.


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