Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Wolf Never Slows Down


10 of SOJs finest rose to attack the dark hours and embark on a calorie burning workout aimed at keeping their heart rate up for the majority of the beat down this morning at T-wolf. These men CRUSHED it!!!

SSH, Imp Walkers, Ukr Soldiers Arm Circles, Stretch MLR, Merkin, LBC, Flutter Kicks, Rosco’s wife (Pigeon stretch), Scorpion Kicks (It is very obvious we need to do more hip stretching with this crew, not winning any gymnastics contests)

The Thang:
Mosey to the track for a Prostitute. Start at straight-a-way, 1 burpee, first corner 10 Merkins back to start for 1 burpee, wait for six. Repeat process and exercises at each corner and back at each corner. corner 2 Dry docks, corner 3 LBCs, corner 4 American Hammers

Mosey to the steps by the field for a TRIPLE CHECK. P1 dips, P2 step ups, partner 3 runs to the end of the field. Actually, bc of the initial deep breathing and mumble chatter, I started at half field, and the men were running too fast, so we made a pivot to the end of the field. Mumblechatter grew at that point…”isn’t an audible supposed to get easier?” Nah

Mosey to bus lines for parking lot tracers in the bus parking. Run up, bernie back, back to flag.



Proud of these fellas today. Very little down time, the mission was to keep moving and keep the heart rate up. Everyone gave a great effort today and encouragement. it was really nice to come back to the Q sheet after a few stints on the IR and nagging knee/toe injuries. I also appreciate DTH for challenging me to take a lead, and to the fellas that were willing to get up and attack it with me. These men pushed hard, and it was great to see 10 hit the wolf. Nice to see some new/newer faces today. Nice to meet Dryrub and see Escobar again. Stay strong and keep coming brothers. Great work today!


  • Frozen Triangle this Saturday. Stay strong and stay healthy brothers!
  • Kettle Bell workouts on Tuesday at Old Hundred going on Q sheet. Nancy’s a beast and starts wtih 35s.
  • Thur 1/26 2F lunch at Chicken Fiesta on Midlo Tpke.

Prayer Requests:

  • Entire department going through layoffs at Cap1. For our brothers and families impacted, prayers that they land on their feet and make it through with a positive spirit
  • Prayers for our brothers doing the frozen triangle
  • Prayers for everyone on IR and that those not find the resolve to get up and get back out
  • Prayers to strengthen the SOJ and F3 brotherhood
  • Prayers to attack the end of the week as better fathers, husbands, sons, and friends. Let us be leaders as we go into our day and the end of the week.

Iron sharpens Iron



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