Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wayne Chrebet – Mr. 3rd Down


10 early risers arrived for a resurgence of the coupons. I being a cheapskate do not have a F3 shirt and with all of this talk of a great new shirt I decided to come in with my own ensemble. I went through old shirts and found a well-worn 1997 Wayne Chrebet jersey. Oh the good ole’ days of slightly above average JETS teams.

The workout went like this:

COP: DQs, DMHs, Merkins, MCs, FMs and ACs. Pick up a coupon (thanks Kubota for bringing them over). Mosey to triangle park.

Triple check with coupon bench presses, LBCs and run around the triangle. Mosey to neighborhood (Culpeper St.).

Elevens with coupon sit and presses and merkins. This took a while but Gumbo was leading the way. Mosey to parking lot.

Four corners with burpees, 2 count mountain climbers, 30 coupon squats and 40 curls for the ladies. At this point there was mumble chatter about certain “experiences” in motor vehicles.

Prayers for Corned Beef’s family as his mom likely suffered a stroke. Prayers for all those who are on the mend physically and mentally. Thanks for letting me lead after I backed out last week. We missed you Last Call.


Fireman Ed


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