Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Never waste a good theme


9 of the toughest men of Tuckahoe gathered for a MLK Day Hoedown

COP with various exercises (both regular Scorpion Kicks and Inverted Scorpion Kicks were completed)

(2) Triple Checks with various exercises first at Bodo’s overflow lot, second at Bodo’s office building

Upchuck did 5 Burpees while we Planked

Triple Check at the Walgreens lot

1/3rd of a Triple Check back at Tuckahoe

5 Burpees until time

Announcements – Frozen Triangle this Saturday at Dogpile, see Slack. Upchuck has started a new Trail Run Channel on Slack for those training for a Trail Run race. Discouraging nicknames will be given

No prayer requests today.

NMS – it was a quiet day at Hoedown, a lot of regulars were not in attendance. YHC had 2 potential themes planned: 1) Heist was planning to cross the river so YHC had a “Hoedown Sampler Platter” but at the last minute he backed out (insert eye roll) 2) YHC had planned a workout to demonstrate to both Splinter and Honeydo how much of an inspiration they are, but they both fart sacked (insert double eye roll). I’d say it was a good day anyways. Thanks to Pucker for helping me see through the all Triple Check workout. I will keep both previous themes saved for a another day.


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