Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Touching all the balls


A mix up to the typical boot camp brought 6 weight swinging gents to TwinTeam for some sweet sweet kettlebell action. Multiple sizes and shapes of weights appeared in the gloom for these men to choose from. The beast however, stayed hidden for another time.

Keeping a general goal of staying dry we headed for the school entrance for the standard warm up – DQ, SSH, IW, Helicopters, Merkins, AST, LBC. First up – Triple Check – Swings, OH Press, and run around the entrance loop. Next up 11s – Sit and Press/OH Tri Press; run a loop in the rain; 11s – Goblet Squat/Curls; run around the loop; Finish up with a random assortment of KB exercises – merkins, swings, FK, APD, OH Pullover, Spicy AH – and 2 burpees sans KB that felt incredibly light and easy.

Florence, aka Goldilocks, decided he would try everyone else’s KBs since there were some left unattended during the triple check. This ones’ too big, this is too small, this one’s too hairy, this one’s too smooth…and on and on until he found the right one. We forgive him for touching all the bells since he brought the coffee that led to some solid post-workout story time. No, I do not know how old she was but how am I supposed to know? It’s only a sheep.

Great mix up to the SOJ lineup with 2 KB workouts this week. Both were received well so I expect to see more of that soon.

Oh yeah, there were also 2 Runners that went up and down some hills.

  • Frozen Triangle CSAUP 1/21 – if you haven’t read the BB or given us a HC yet – see Gumbo’s from Sunday 1/8/23 – Ms and 2.0s are welcome post event
  • Florence will be providing coffee and donuts for Ms and 2.0s post RockNRoll tomorrow
  • An old friend and visitor will have the Q at Dogpile with a powerful message
  • Monthly 4th Thursday SOJ lunches starting 1/26
  • Prayers for Tobit (retreat with too many kids), Draper’s friend’s brother health questions, and my Ms friend surgery and cancer treatment

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