Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This is my cindy, there are many like it, but this one is mine.


Seven dudes got swole for another Flex Friday at Satan’s Hill. 

Disclaimers and bienvenidos. 

Warmorama: SSH (20), IW (20), copper head squats (10), Dead Man Hang (Center, Left, Right), Fwd and Rev Arm Circles (15 2x), Muricans (10x), mountain climbers (20x), calf stretches, stretch OYO for 45 seconds. 

The thang

Part 1: Mosey to our brand new cinderblocks, still have that fresh baked smell. 

3x rounds of: Sumo squats, Regular squat, dead lifts, and lunges with Cindy. Each lift about 30 seconds performing as many clean reps as can be done. Between each lift we performed 10 SSH. Each round ended with cindy farmer carry accross parking lot and back. 

Part 2: Mosey to the log pile carrying cindys. Setup 4 logs with two man teams. Partner A on the log and partner B on the cindy. 

Three rounds of rotations of cindy curls and log press. 30 seconds each with 15 seconds rest. 

Two rounds of rotations of cindy OH press and log dead lift. 30 seconds each with 15 seconds rest. 

Part 3: Moseyed back to flag area circled up for cindy hot potato. Dude calls out exercise for Pax and runs to end of lot, performs 10x toe taps, and comes back for next guy.  Exercises performed with the cindys ( I think this was it).

A) bench press (everyone did OH press….I guess people don’t like getting wet). 

B) Curls

C) OH block hold

D) Block Lunge

E) Block sumo lifts

F) Block Muricans 

G) Block Mountain Climbers

Part 3: Carefully tuck the cindys away and 1 round of murican ring of fire. Each dude shows off their best moves while Pax planks. Knuckles, Hand release, diamond, claps, etc 

Time. Enjoying this flex Friday thing. I think its good to get some “weight” training in and take a break from the running. 

Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • Glow for Galactosemia glow run on March 5. Details coming. Support a good cause.
  • Monthly 4th Thursday SOJ lunches starting 1/26. Chicken Fiesta – 11:30 am. 
  • Frozen Triangle CSAUP 1/21 – be there. 

Prayers – Oyster took us out. Prayers for our families and all the men in F3. Prayers for men experiencing loneliness, hope we can reach them through the brotherhood of F3. 


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