Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mudslide was born to do Moroccan night clubs.


9 men of SOJ launched from Timberwolf at 530am sharp. After a brief mozy to the back of the school and exercise disclaimers the workout began –

Warmup: SSH, Helicopters, Arm circles, Merkins, Wide Grip Merkins, LBC’s

Mozy to the track for an EMOM style workout. The group did an exercise, jogged a minute, exercise, jogged a minute, and repeated for two laps around the track. Exercises included merkins, American Hammers, Ball Dippers, Squats, LBC’s and more Burpees.

Part Deux – starting at the goal line we did 1 Burpee, lunge walked 10 yards, did 10 merkins, lunge walk 10 yards, 20 squats, lunge walk 10 yards, 30 2 count American hammers, lunge walk 10 yards, 40 of shoulder taps, another 10 yard lunge walk, 50 of something else and then made our way back down to the goal line. Bullseye’s ability to do shoulder taps has been registered as the 9th wonder of the world.

Part 3 – wrap it up with a one lap EMOM. Exercises included burpees, Moroccan night clubs, WWII’s and Triceps dips The backblast title was inspired by Mudslides slick moves during the Moroccan night club minute. The man’s got moves.

Mozy to the court for a quick sprint challenge. Everybody won and lost and 5 burpees were awarded to each team.

Wrap it up with a quick ring of fire, 5 merkins of your choice. McGruff didn’t the memo on this one and did way more.

YHC took us out!


  • Frozen triangle – January 21
  • SOJ Lunch – January 26 (Oyster will not be buying but may bring uncrustables)
  • Other announcements, check Slack

Prayer Requests:

  • Cardinal, brother from TN who passed away yesterday
  • Former employee of Vagabond who he had to let go on Monday
  • Daughter of a friend of Heist’s who has suffered from blurry vision


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