Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Clock hit and ten gloom warriors braved the 26 degree warm and sunny beatdown that went a little like hey Q is open. “I’ll take it” 

Mosey off campus to find ourselves with a little COP in Fargo. Felt that cold but we quickly Warmed up:

25x SSH 

10x Don Q

10x merkin 

10x copperhead squats

20x Freddy mercuries

Mosey to top of Fargo to do an alley kat:

Run the alley back and forth and do the sequence of:

10 merkins 20 mountain climbers

10 merkins 20 plank jacks

10 merkins 25 LBCs

10 merkins 20 squats

10 merkins 20 flutters

Mosey around Einstein and do 

10 merkins 10 2count ball dippers

10 merkins 20 lbc.

Mosey up around the alley:

10 merkins mid way 50 LBCs

10 merkins and 20 WW2s

Mosey back to campus where we found two additional pax. We headed up to the back wall and proceeded to partner up.

Peoples chair air press timer runs x 2

Squats timer runs switch

Merkins timer runs switch 

Mosey back to flag for stretch-o-Rama 

Some announcements: I’m trying to remember Post in comments gents! Sorry it’s late and the gloom comes early.


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