Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Make WDog Great Again Project!


It looks like a crispy cold weather tomorrow morning around 28 degree. Mosey through the Park Dr, Pump House Dr., and the Carillon tower (~ 1 mile) to the COP #1.

The COP #2:

  • Round 1: Run around the field with 10 merkins at each corner
  • Round 2: Run around the field with 20 SSH at each corner
  • Round 3: Run around the field with 30 jump squats at each corner

Mosey to the triangle for the COP #3.

  • Round 1: bear-crawl to the corner, run down the hill, 20 WWII, and run up the hill

Mosey back to the flag.

During the workout, numerous ideas were discussed regarding the subject above as follows:

  • Continue to build the core group member at WDog
  • Preblast in Slack and active communication via text among the core group would be goo
  • WDog’s business card and poster
  • The site Q need to make the shovel flag
  • The start time is discussed

YHC will put some of items into action and send out a survey form by the end of week to gather more ideas and thoughts.

Bleeders reminded us that people from NC mentioned that WDog/Dogpile is probably one of the best AOs throughout the country. Thanks!


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