Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Why not 10K


3 Davillians arrived on a below freezing morning to need the week with a run

The night before YHC ask who was up for a run/walk and discuss was started about the distance. Typically the goal is to get in 6 miles or close to it in our hour long Saturday mornings.

Plan was run a out to Glide’s house (just about 3 miles through the neighborhoods of Atlee) and back to make sure the the 6 miles would happen.

YHC who is still working getting back to running shape, decided to cut back in front of the schools and got in 5.55

Mr Holland said “Well if we are going to run 6, mine as well just push it to 6.2”. So Opus and him added the bus loop to get in a 10K.

Great 2nd F at The Local with some fart sackers



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