Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

6 count. not for the faint of heart.


5 guys showed up for a friday morning beatdown
Here is what happened…

Run away from Yardsale as he shows up a smidge late.

COP — various exercises including crunchy frogs, arm circles, and a 6 count exercise that no one could seem to get right… including YHC. oh well. will try again next time.

10 DK’s
lunge to end of sidewalk
10 squats
run to island 1
10 WW2
run to island 2
10 merkins
run to island 3
10 flutterkicks
run to the end and then back to the start

Repeato with 15 and then 20 of each

4 corners with 5 people
5th person relieves number 1 who then relieves corner 2 person, etc.
exercises at each corner were:
jump squats
am ham
high knees
dry docks

to the benches
one group runs the loop as the timer
other group does skull crushers
repeato with dips
do all that one more time

back to the flag for some stretching!

YHC was glad to lead this crazy crowd this morning — good to see Rounders again.


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