Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Folding chairs


Eight posted for the first Punisher of 2023, including a couple of Punisher first-timers. Hellos and fist bumps were followed by a loop around the front parking lot and a circle up in the grass on the western edge of the Holton school property – to be visible for latecomers. Circle time start with disclaimer and included SSHs, Hillbillies, DQs, Ukrainian Soldiers, Merkins, Suzanne Somers(es), APDs, Monkey Humpers, and Arm Circles.

Loop around the Butterfly Garden to high, dry, but dark ground for Deck of Death. As is typical, card value equals number of reps with the Ace at the high end – Diamonds=Box Cutters, Clubs=Slow Squats, Spades=Wide Grip, Hand Release Merkins, and Hearts=Imaginary Jump Ropes. Joker means 10 Burpees. Sequential black or red cards means adding one rep to the indicated card. About 2/3 through, took turns guess the suit of the next card and change the exercise but not the reps.

Relocate to the school wall for Donkey Kick wave – one guy completes a few Donkey Kicks while the others hold People’s Chair. Work down the line and back. Return to the parking lot for COT.

Announcements – Frozen Triangle later in January. YHC took us out.

Welcome Punisher first-timers Handshake and Hitchhiker. Good to see everyone.


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