Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Find your group


6:00 to the circle for the COP

DQ’s, Deadman Hangs, Helicopters. Imperial Squat Walkers, American Hammers, Schrunchy Frogs, Number off 1, 2, 3, and 4 – these are your groups

Mosey to the Amphitheater for instructions and run to each of the 4 stations to see what the plan is

Once back at the circle break into groups and go to your station

Station 1 – Amphitheater

50 Step ups on the bottom row

Box Jump to the top

50 Schrunchy Frog

run back to the bottom

Repeto – reducing by 10 until 30 then go to station 2

Station 2 – Coupons

  1. WWII’s
  2. Squats
  3. Curls
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Block Swings

Repeto until relieved by the group coming from Station 1

Stations 3 – Triangle

Break into 3 groups

Group 1 does Ball Dippers

Group 2 does Squats

Group 3 runs around the island

Repeto until the group from station 2 relieves you

Station 4 – The Field

20 Merkins

Bear crawl to the other side

20 Burpees

Crawl Bear back

Repeto until group from station 3 relieves you

Time is called BTTF

Circle up with American Hammers, Schrunchy Frogs, Plank Jacks, Copperhead Squats

Oyster says that he feel like he didn’t get his money’s worth because there are 2 minutes left

Lets go for a run and finish with Moroccan Night Clubs

Numbers / Names Rosie took us out


Welcome to our newest vict…., I mean FNG now named Arnold because his kids (F3 names) are Hons & Fronz.

Congrats to EF Hutton and Oyster for making it to 300+ AO’s this year, well done

YHC had set two goals for this year, 100 Merkins a day for the year (made it to March) and 100 Q’s. Today was the end of YHC’s Q count with todays Q being 100. Thanks to all the brothers that have showed up (like a Doozy Q or not) you keep coming back. YHC’s goals for next year are going to be run, run, run Marathon (by November) a couple Triathlons and connect with Mudslide on at least one Spartan race.

Set a Goal: If you make it great, if you don’t try again or try something different. This group of guys should be there to support you in achieving your goal and to encourage you if you don’t.


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