Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who can bust a nut in 8 degrees temps?


Eight eager PAX were ready to get going early to get the blood flowing on Christmas Eve, with the PAX count equal to the temperature of 8 degrees at the start. We did:

COP: SSH, IPs, Hillbillies, Don Qs, then Boomer Pyle joined us late so 10 burpees.

Down to the amphitheater for a Dora 123: 100 Merkins, 200 Reverse Crunches, 300 Jump Squats while other PAX runs to top and back. Mosey over to Rusty Cage. 5 rounds of 6 pullups & 10 WWIIs. Then partner up for 4 rounds of 7 Jerkins.

Mosey over to bottom of Rugby and partner up again. Alternate bear crawl up hill to top while other partner runs ahead and back. Finish up on Burpee road with 1 burpee per light way out then 2 burpees on the way back. Mosey back to frozen flag for few seconds of mary then done. YHC took us out.

NMS: Way for the PAX to answer the bell on a challenging morning when the pull of the fartsack was strong. This is the coldest post YHC has done in 7 years doing F3 but the PAX pushed hard and we stayed warm. Respect to Mudslide for the double dip!

BB title goes to the unnamed PAX who loudly busted a nut while we were at the Rusty Cage. Only those who post know. Mr Rogers proved his commitment to the SOP-Life by joining YHC in shorts. Only the last few minutes did we regret this decision. Boomer Pyle took 10 minutes to get his Jitterbug to get a picture to memorialize the fun we had. Coffee at Libby Market was a blast as always. Enjoy the day and Christmas tomorrow and take a moment to reflect on the great gift we have of F3RVA!


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