Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chapped Knees & Frozen Beards


The frozen tundra of SOJ’s Rockwood Park challenged 6 HIM’s to survive 60 minutes of seven degrees and gloomy, with a windchill, in shorts. With the festive cheer of their Q’s jungle bells and nonstop movement, here’s how these ice-hardened men of valor conquered the morning:



  • Slaughter start with a stretch of Bearpees down the parking lot to the Basketball Court

COP #1:

  • Circle up on the BBall Court 
  • Welcome & Disclaimer
  • Usual Warm-up exercises IC, with a low side shuffle around circle between sets
  • MUDSLIDE joined us double-dipping from a Dogpile that ended early

COP #2: 

  • Mosey half the outer loop of the fields, periodically stopping to complete one of the following:
  • Opus Broad Jumps on a straightaway
  • Mosey
  • Partner up for x3 rounds of PLT’s x25 each (x75 total each) 
  • Mosey
  • Circle up for Body Builders x10 IC

COP #3: 

  • For the length of the baseball fields to the twin stairs (about 100yd), partner up for Catch Me If You Can:
  • P1 begins bear crawls while P2 completes x3 WWII’s, after which P2 mosey’s to switch with P1, until they reach the stairs

COP #4:

  • At the steps, line up for a LINDSEY:
  • Heels to Heaven at the Bottom – 10/15/20/25/30
  • Merkins at the Top – 30/25/20/15/10
  • Box Jump steps going up & down between sets
  • SSH’s to get blood back to fingers

COP #5:

  • Complete rest of circuit loop
  • Stop for Buddy Big Boys x25
  • Mosey
  • Stop at the side Parking Lot
  • Partner up for a classic Dora
  • x100 Merkins
  • x200 Squats
  • x300 LBC’s
  • Runner completes ~100yard loop down the lot and back
  • Mosey around to the basketball court

COP #6:

  • Line up on the bball court for GROINER SUICIDES:
  • x5 Rounds of Groiners at each suicide stopping point, touching baseline between, descending from x5 at each, then x4, x3, x2, x1. 

Mosey BTTF:

  • Run down the clock with Boat/Canoe’s, and some stretching


  • Counterama # 6
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took the PAX out with a word of encouragement to share the reason for the season with someone feeling left out or lonely

NMS:  It’s gonna be daaaaays before YHC warms back up. Fingers still not working properly trying to type this BB. Awesome to have a solid PAX for the frozen madness this AM and extra props to young Touchdown and double-dipping Mudslide. Proud of SOJ and especially the Rock&Roll PAX for amazing growth in numbers and camaraderie this year. Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Christmas with your families. SYITG, DTH 


  • Next Sat 12/31 Convergence at Dogpile for Doozy’s 100th Q
  • 1/6 SOJ Planning/Leadership Mtg (location TBD)
  • Frozen Triangle 1/21

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