Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

yippee ki yay – Mudder Truckaah


Five dudes got swole for another Flex Friday at Satan’s Hill. 

5:27 a.m. I am greeted with a text from Oyster, “where are you”? Santa was on the way with presents of cold forged iron for all. 

Warmorama: SSH, Ukrainian…ok ok Russian Soldiers, copper head squats, plank position alternate left and right arm up, plank jacks, mountain climbers. 

What we did:

Part 1: Mosey to the log pile: Setup 4 logs for round robin. One man runs to cul-de-sac and performs 20 merkins and 10 squats. Other guys did various log lifts. Presses, calf press, twist push and low squat log press. 

Part 2: Moseyed back to flag area and setup five stations for a clockwise rotation of exercises. 

A) Cinderblock Press

B) Kettle Ball swing (20 lb)

C) Dumbbell curls (20 lb)

D) Cinderblock farmer carry across parking lot to station E.

E) Goblet squat (60lb kettle ball). 

E walks cindy back to station A. 

Went through this rotation all the way through 2x. Timing of station rotation based on farmer carry from station D to E. 

Part 3: Christmas movie trivia. Wrong answer equals 5x merkins. Line up at one end of parking lot and lunged down and back. Pax took turns with trivia. Good mumble chatter and laughter here. Wilson knows what’s up…Diehard is the best Christmas movie of all time. 

Part 4: Oyster was sad about not getting a full mile of running in, tried to help out with a run to stop sign and back to flag. Quick conveyer belt around the center concrete landscaping (think hand walk in plank position around the rim)

Part 5: YHC got a little goofy and called for a “circle of pain” with merkins. Pax planked up and rotated through 2 sets of holding plank while each dude knocked out 10 reps. 

Time. Enjoying this flex Friday thing. Will have to think of more exercises and different rotations. Despite running less than 1 mile, our hearts were pumping. 

Outro: Numbers and Names. 


  • Freezing cold Q tmw at Dog Pile tmw. 
  • Lots of 2nd F stuff going on. See Slack

Prayers – Oyster took us out. Prayers of thankfulness for Christmas with family and friends. Prayers for all our PAX on IR or sick. 

PS. I somehow managed to have a Cinderblock fall apart over my head during a press this morning. Why did that happen?! Glad I was able to dodge the falling block pieces and didn’t need to ask Hermes to put my tooth back in. 


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