Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let’s stay dry today


The winds blew in 3 beatdown regulars, the rain has stopped but the streets are definitely wet.

Mosey to JRHS front door COP under cover

DQ’s, Deadman Hangs, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, LBC’s, Hello Dollies, Rosalitta’s

Mosey down the school to the long side entryway for a triple check

Partner 1 does wall sits, Partner 2 does LBC’s, Partner 3 – runs to the last light pole and back

Line up at one side under cover

Bear Crawl the length of the drop off area, at each post do either (Merkins or WWII’s) but increase by one at each

Mosey to the Track

Four corners on the round track????

10 – Squats, 20 – (2 count) Ball Dippers, 30 – Jump Squats, 40 – Calf Raises

Mosey to the ticket area for a Triple Check

Partner 1 – Does Heals to Heaven, Partner 2 – Does SSH’s, Partner 3 – Runs to the last light pole and back

BTTF Numbers / Names Florence took us out


YHC had a couple different ideas in mind for the Beatdown this morning, due to the wet conditions the better choice was made and we stayed in the dry covered areas of JRHS for the most part. YHC was quite surprised to wake up to warmer weather than what was expected. The wind was a factor but not the main reason to not go into Terrington looking for the grassy side hills (something that would be better left to a dry morning).


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