Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hitch Needs a Day-Planner


An elite 8 descended upon UR to shake off the early morning chill…


All – Ridgeway to Iris. Cross Three Chopt then head east on Groooooove.

4’s – Turn around and return once reaching Oak St

5’s/6’s – Take right on Oak, cross Cary to Hillcrest. Head down W. Hillcrest

5’s (there weren’t any…)- Upon reaching bottom of Hillcrest, turn around and return.

6’s – Turn onto E. Hillcrest and take immediate right to climb Charmian (steepest short-hill in RVA?). When hill crests, take a left on access road then turn left on Pocahontas, jump back onto E. Hillcrest, climb hill and return on the same route

Announcements: HDHH at Final Gravity, Bone Thugs planning a subterranean run in the fall, and Christmas falls on a Sunday this year (see Hitchhiker for details, and Wedding Singer for supporting commentary)

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