Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Magnum PI Day at The Clinic


One young man sallied girth forth into The Gloom to celebrate Magnum PI in true Hawaiian style: Big Island, Big Weather, Big Rig time. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the delivery truck driver coming in hot, the following quite possibly happened.

Opening Run…hotel entrance to Queen Ka’ahumanu Hwy (about a mile).

Reverso about .6 mile.


50 four-count SSHs

25 LBCs

10 HRMs

10 Don Quixotes

50 flutter kicks

Light Cycle…using the 20 or so lights on the sidewalk path, do exercises at each light.


Monkey Humpers


Hand release merkins




Heels to Heaven


Rotate according to the Qs discretion or ability to remember the order.

Reverso on the run BTTVSF.

Number, name, YHC took himself out.


HoneyDo turns 45 tomorrow. Show up at Heartbreak and take the pain. Never easy. Push your comfort zone.

The Bridge on Saturday. You don’t have plans on Christmas Eve morning. No one thinks you have plans. You don’t even think you have plans. So, do a great thing for others, and visit the imprisoned. Push your comfort zone.


YHC turned 50 yesterday with all of the accompanying consumption one might enjoy (YHC didn’t notice the slow service , squabbling teenagers, or the heavy rain). Just enjoyed the evening. But, no rest for the weary, and no time like the present. So, up at 4:00 local time and this horse entered the paddock by 4:25 to start getting back on the horse.
YHCs M was already up and scouting the weather kind enough to insist on offer a headlamp. YHC got just outside the hotel, realized he was well away from any light pollution, and declared “amateur hour” on the headlamp quality. This place is so dark it makes BRR look like Manhattan. (YHC has now decided to buy the M a headlamp for Christmas.)

Based on the incredible storms last night and this morning, YHC assumed Mr. Rogers had the Q, then found himself alone at game time. C’est la guerre. Luckily, a brief weather interlude arrived. Thankfully, the wind stayed, leaving YHC comfortably cooled by the breeze and free to expel last night’s toxins while enjoying the dawning of a new half century.

Mission accomplished.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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