Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Graveyard shift


4 students were in attendance for what is sure to have been the earliest class in the history of Providence Elementary. Here is what they were doing.



10 Don quyotes IC

10 Imperial walkers IC

5 arm circles, reverse 5 more

10 merkins IC

10 LBCs IC

Farmer’s carry to the end of the soccer field

Run down the hill
Bernie Sanders up the hill
Repeat 1 more tme

Bear crawl down the hill
Broad jumps into Burpee with 3 mountain climbers until at top of hill

Farmer’s carry down the hill then around the bases then back up the hill

Side shuffle down the hill then back up repeat opposite direction

50 calf raises
30 squats
While holding dumbbells or kettle bells right under chin and standing on the hill
Repeat no breaks

Bear crawl down the hill
Hop on 1 leg up the hill (Big rig jig)
Run down the hill
Big rig jig on other leg up the hill

Run down the hill then bernie sanders up x2

Farmer’s carry around the soccer field to the playground

5 pull ups for everyone

Quadruple check
15 inverted rows
20 WW2s
20 LBCs
20 squats

Hold dumbbell under chin
20 stiletto squats
30 calf raises

30 flutter kicks
30 heels to heaven
Side plank 30 count
Repeat opposite side

Farmer’s carry to vehicles

Class dismissed

This may be a permanent AO for the Graveyard shift


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