Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Festivas Fit For a Gerry


8 gents descended upon Mary to see what she had to offer, this is what transpired….more or less…

  • COP: Copius stretching
  • Neighborhood Loop: Run then perform 50 of an exercise (3 iterations)…LBC, M-Climbers, Flutter Kicks
  • Triple Check: Chicken Peckers, WWII’s, Run out, 10 HR Merkins and Bernie Sanders Back
  • Derkins and Merkins: Two stations, visit each 3 times. Ten reps of aforementioned
  • Descending Doras: 300 Hello Dollies, 200 LBC, 100 Merkins. Partner runs to pull up bars (5 reps)
  • Few minutes of Mary


  • Christmas Eve morning at the Bridge. Come one, come all…
  • TYA is taking donations for F3 Shirt to go to Bridge participants. It is the highlight of their week and the shirts really mean a lot to them.
  • Props to Oyster for taking-over Breaking Bread for 2023. Thanks to Upchuck for all his work this past year+

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