Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Getting HP ready for his first half Marathon


5 bootcampers and 1 rucker made it to R&R for some wet and wonderful fresh air according to the squirrels this is what happened.

mosey to the first covered picnic area for COP

DQ’s, Deadman Hangs, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, American Hammers, LBC’s

Stay under cover and start with 25 Incline merkins then 25 dips on the benches, 20 IM’s – 20 Dips, 15 IM’s-15 Dips, 10 IM’s-10 Dips, 5 IM’s-5 Dips

Mosey down the road to the next parking lot Lunge 1/3rd of the way down the length, Deep squat box jumps 1/3rd, Backwards lunge the last 3rd – Reverso

Mosey onto the trail every hill up Bernie, mosey down hill, do various exercises at the bottoms and some at the tops

Found one spot that YHC nicknamed the halfpipe where we Bernied up with squats at the top, Mosey down with Ball Dippers at the bottom X2

Mosey back to the flag

How much further is it to the end of this trial? We’ve been running a while and HP had an unexpected run with Rosie yesterday. If we keep this up we will have to sign HP up for the Richmond Half next November.

Finally made it BTTF about 5 minutes late but we’ll call that extra credit

Numbers / Names Mudslide took us out

NMS: Most definitely YHC did not plan to do so much running today. YHC thought the loop was a loop within the larger trail but we ended up putting in a lot of miles for sure. My apologies to House Party who was the only not so usual runner in the group.


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