Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

These 21’s are on point, even Heist!!


32 and dark is the new 70 and sunny for 7 of the southsides finest. According to the trash man (who was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule) this is what happened

Trash Man is blocking our path so internal Garman says Recalculating, Mosey back to the back side of the school by the Conex for COP

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Nancy Shows up (discussion about his bathroom routine) Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats

Head to the wall for a triple check

Partner 1 does Hoedowns, Partner 2 does Pole Smokers, Partner 3 runs to the first basketball post and back

Mosey back across to the front parking lot for 21’s

SSH in cadence until 3 count then everyone counts in their head to 21 WOW from the very beginning they where almost all on time. YHC might have been the only one that lost count. We did 20 WWII, 30 LBC’s, 40 Plank Jacks, 50 (run around the islands), 40 Mountain Climbers, 30 American Hammers, 20 Schrunchy Frogs

Mosey to picnic tables for a triple check

Partner 1 does Incline Merkins, Partner 2 does Dips, Partner 3 runs to the middle light pole

Finish up with OYO 30 Step ups – 10 LBC’s then 20 Step up – 20 LBC’s, then 10 Step Up – 30 LBC’s

BTTF – Numbers / Names Mud Slide took us out


We all know that when the Q calls for 21’s, its expected that we will be doing an exercise regardless whether we end on time or not but I must say this morning was the closest I have seen everyone end at the same time almost every set. YHC ended one set ahead of schedule but the rest of the PAX held it pretty tight, even Heist.


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