Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Birthday 70


This is the season to be Grateful! I’m grateful I made it 70!

The other day, Bodos posted some words on Facebook about being grateful. On Slack (3rd F channel), I saw something Bone Thugs posted on Gratitude (a poem by Edgar A Guest). Great words!

A few weeks ago, I was planning to do 70 burpees today (7 minutes of burpees, 10 burpees each minute). (Homer: Sorry about the lack of Burpees!) But about two weeks ago, I developed “sciatica”. (The doctors used some other terms.) The symptoms are pain down the length of my left leg. The source of the problem is in the vertebrae, but I have no back pain at all. I hope this will clear up in a few weeks (or sooner!). I start PT tomorrow.

Among other things, I am grateful for good health and the people of F3. Even if my health isn’t currently perfect, I have been very fortunate. I’ll be even more grateful when this goes away!

Mosey to the grassy area in front of the school.

20 Copperhead Squats in cadence 10 Man-Maker Merkins in cadence 70 count elbow plank


15 count Child’s pose: on hands & knees with top of toes on ground, rock back and rest forehead on ground 4X
20 Imperial Walkers in cadence 10 Diamond Merkins


15 count Bird Dog: on hands and knees, left arm/right leg, then right arm/left leg, 4X 15 count both knees to chest: begin on back with knees bent and feet flat on ground, 4X
20 Lunges in cadence 10 Stagger arm Merkins in cadence 15 count Glut bridge; lying on back like APD; 4X 15 count Cobra (aka Wilson’s wife): start out on flat on ground, face down, 4X
20 Side Squats in cadence 10 Stagger arm Merkins in cadence 15 Freddy Mercury 5 count Back exercise starting flat on ground, face down, arms bent at elbow: Hold each position for a 5 count, total of 11 positions: Right arm, Left arm, Right Leg, Left leg, right arm/left leg, left arm/right leg, right arm/right leg, left arm/left leg, both arms, both legs, arms and legs, 4X


Mosey to wall

15 People’s chair Air Press in cadence 10 BTTW Hip slaps in cadence


15 Donkey Kicks OYO


15 People’s chair milkers in cadence


10 BTTW Australian Mountain Climbers in cadence 15 Donkey Kicks OYO


15 People’s chair Muhammad Alis in cadence 10 BTTW Toe Taps in cadence 15 Donkey Kicks OYO


15 People’s chair Lalannes in cadence 10 Dirty Hookups in cadence


15 Donkey Kicks OYO



Mosey to benches

10 Bulgarian split squats left leg in cadence

10 Bulgarian split squats right leg in cadence

10 Derkins in cadence

10 Dips in cadence


Mosey over to parking lot line parallel and closest to the road

Crab walk to next line Lunge walk to next line


Back to the flag:

70 count 6 inch leg lift

Cow/cat stretch

Time’s up!

Take out by Atilla. ¡Gracias!

I received several gifts which I will always cherish! Thanx everyone!

And thanx to everyone here today and Honeydo who would have been here except for a nasty virus. Get well soon!


If Faceplant can get his wife to hurry up, he’ll have a new baby on my birthday! If not, the day after. Hope all goes well!

Gypsy is collecting all types of gently used shoes. He will be at Curahee Friday. He is collecting shoes thru January. See 3rd F channel on Slack for more information.

Saturday December 10: 3:00 PM-6:00 PM, Hardywood 2nd F

Tuesday December 13: noon to about 1:00, Innsbrook area, look for place to be announced, 2nd F


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