Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And Then There Were None


YHC hoped to lead 10 (er 11) little Davillians for a Tuesday morning run or ruck workout. YHC planned intervals on a hilly stretch of road in Honey Meadows to keep the PAX generally together regardless of speed differences. YHC was vague about his intentions for hilly intervals to avoid suppressing turnout.

The fartsack’s irresistible gravitational pull captured No Idea, Yardsale, Spit, Hash, and Tonka, assisted in at least some cases by illness or family obligations. And then there were 6.

Bulkhead battled through the fartsack and was eventually victorious, but he arrived late to see a PAX already moving swiftly away. A modern-day Tantalus, he chased yet drew no closer to the PAX as the PAX faded into the gloom of Honey Meadows. Left to wander alone through Honey Meadows, he finally joined other fallen Davillians to complete his journey. And then there were 5.

The rucksack’s siren song of increased strength and less joint pounding has a firm grip on Boo Boo, and he had declared his surrender to this siren song prior to arrival. And then there were 4.

As the fleet of PAX sailed close to Boo Boo and the rucksack’s siren song after departure, the siren song overcame Corned Beef as well and pulled him away from the running PAX. The other PAX, perhaps with too much wax in their ears to succumb, seemed immune to the song. And then there were 3.

Keeping up with Marco Polo, who was still recovering from a marathon, YHC warned his fellow runner of the upcoming hilly intervals with concerns for Marco Polo’s potentially tired legs. When YHC turned around to check on the remainder of the PAX, Marco Polo, mindful of such perils, escaped Honey Meadows to Kings Charter for a solo effort. And then there were 2.

YHC, Opus, and Mr. Holland descended the hills of Honey Meadows together to begin the dreaded interval workout. Upon reaching the bottom, the PAX turned to begin their first of several expected intervals. Mr. Holland and Opus composed a different, improvisational plan and instead ran back and met Bulkhead for an easy run. When YHC ran his second interval, he did not see Mr. Holland or Opus. And then there were none.

YHC got in 4.5 miles, including a few hill interval reps and sprint reps on the way back. Marco Polo got in 5. Bulkhead, Mr. Holland, and Opus, presumably got in 4 or so miles. Numbers, names, Corned Beef took us out.

In all seriousness, YHC was clear with the PAX that they should attack the hill intervals only if they felt up for it or wanted the workout. Given the lack of notice and various recovery needs, many PAX members were understandably on an easy run plan today. It was great to circle back up with all of the Davillians who conquered the fartsack this morning. It was fun to see Marco Polo again after his extended marathon-training-induced absence.


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