Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A cold morning to give thanks to the gloom with some throwback tunes.

45 minute playlist:

SSHs, DQs, Mirkins, LBCs, stretching, etc etc.

4 corners lady of the night with mirkins, American Hammers, jump squats and LBCs.

Triple set of wall sits, balls to the wall and donkey kicks, Pigskin-style.

Indigenous bear crawl around the court.

11s with mirkins and WW2s.

Basketball court suicides with 5 mirkins. Then another with 10 mirkins.

Circle up for some Mary, 25 mirkins, then 25 more, and then because we were just going for it, 25 more after that.

Thanks for entertaining my playlist – music makes it easy to push harder.



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