Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

44 and almost didn’t live to see 45…move it or lose it.


16 overstuffed turkeys broke free from the warmth of the fartsack and posted for a birthday Q marking the end of YHC’s 43rd trip around the sun. According to Wilson, it went something like this:

Mosey to the COP circle and around it 4 times (or until we catch up to Wilson), then circle up for:

  • SSHs
  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • Jazzercisers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Box Cutters


Amphitheatre Time – mosey down to the pit. Do 11 4x4s in the pit, then 2 box jumps and 6 incline merkins on each step to the top, then 44 SSHs at the top and mosey back down to the pit and Al Gore for the SIX. 1 more 4×4 for everyone’s pleasure at the end.

Mosey to the Golden Triangle and down to the bottom. Pair up for a Dora – runner runs up the hill TO the circle (or you can DO the circle if you want your partner to do more exercises). Exercises were 144 HRMs, 244 single count flutters, and 344 Squats.

Mosey up the other hill and through the triangle over the the field.

Four Corners – 1 Burpee, 9 2-ct mountain climbers, 7 WWIIs, 8 Imperial Squat Walkers. Wilson was so fast that we had time for round 2. 1 Burpee, 9 Alternating Shoulder Taps, 7 WWIIs, 8 SSHs.

Pick up the Six and mosey back, around the COP Circle, and back to the Flag.

5 Minutes of Mary, including:

  • Hello Dolly
  • Rosalita
  • Alabama Prom Dates
  • Oblique Heel Taps
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Slow cross mountain climbers
  • Plank until the bell rings.

Numbers, Names, Announcements and COT


  • Magnum PI Day next Saturday 0630 – 0730. YHC will lead pre-workout from 0600-0630 for anyone who wants it. Bring your staches and your Hawaiian shirts and join the fun. Bring your checks (or Venmo Vinny or me) to raise money for our friends at the Bridge.
  • Frozen Triangle CSAUP – January 21 0600. See me or Rosie for info. Just be there.
  • Dogpile Q has some openings. Fill them up.
  • Breaking Bread is open for Christmas Eve and all of 2023 – FILL it up and do some good.
  • Continued prayers for Honeymoon’s Dad
  • Prayers for a healthy and speedy deliver of Faceplants 2.3 any day now or yesterday for his M.
  • Prayers for all those battling injury or illness.


Thanks to those who were able to come out for my birthday Q. It was great to get on the Q sheet at Dogpile again. It’s been a minute. Great AO, great coffeeteria after. Great to have Emoji back in town too. Wonderful way to start any day, but extra special to start my birthday with this fine group of men and some wonderful fellowship and motivation…and a small helping of fitness. So grateful and thankful for all of you and this group. Keep doing good work!

No More Gumbo For You! and, GEAUX TIGERS!!


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