Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Whoa, take ‘er easy there, pilgrim


The morning started off with Offshore being so excited for his FNG (Yoda) to show up that he locked his keys in his car. And it ended with him racing off in Pinto’s car which surprisingly outran my CRV.

In between, a stretching Pigskin sensed the following:

A 3 mile run interrupted by warmups of Helicopters, cherry pickers, imperial walkers, dolly’s, suzanne somers. Then we did P.I.L.G.R.I.M.S. in between runs:

P: 16 Plank jacks

I: 21 Iron Mike

L: 16 Lt. Dans (1 squat, 4 (2 count) lunges)

G: 21 Groiners

R: 16 Reverse Crunches

I: 21 Imperial Squat Walkers

M: 16 Merkins

S: 21 Singlet Merkins (stopped early due to time, not because I could not do anymore …)

My counting today was poor and only my instructions were worse. But the 6 runners did great and hopefully Pigskin’s stretching gives him some comfort today.

Our FNG, now known as Yoda, was the Rev. Hung Su Lim. He is a Star Wars fan and a preacher so Yoda fit. He toughed it out today and hope we get to see him again soon. Offshore brought him out and he also knows Gomer who we theorized had too much to drink at Hardywood last night to come to WTH.

Prayers for all who travel and for those with nowhere to go. Have a great Thanksgiving and either join a Mary Munford bootcamp crew at 6 or a White Deer led Kettlebell crew at 5:30. Or try to double-dip if looking to improve your 2022 data count.


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