Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We Never Found the Blocks


7 magnificent fellows rolled into F3RVA’s earliest AO to start the day with gusto. Temperatures remained 70 and conditions sunny. According to the bicyclist pumping through the parking lot, the following quite likely happened:

4:59 “You guys ready?”

5:00 “Let’s mosey.”


SSHs, dead man hang, hillbillies, LBCs, hello dolly, Suzanne Summers (both ways), hand release merkins.

Mosey to the handicapped parking…and then to the main parking lot for…

…a Dora 100-200-300.

100 hand release merkins

200 reverse crunches

300 side-straddle hops

Hook: in between each set, do 5 boo-yah merkins with your partner. Total somewhere around 200 merkins of all types.

Take a couple of moments to do a little bro-ga. Left leg high, right leg high, pigeon pose right and left.

Mosey to the county’s smallest park for a triple check. Run to River Road and back, WWIIs, and squats.

Mosey back to the VSF for one minute of stretching.

Numbers, names, and Lockjaw took us out.

NMS: lots of mumblechatter today. Welcome back to The Whittler, our Kotter for today. Good to have you back out there. Coffeeteria after the workout was excellent, as usual.

Announcements: See Slack.
This month: do some merkins. Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. For Heaven’s sake, the contest is with New Jersey.

This week: Learn some lies about Thanksgiving from TYA tomorrow at 6 at 45MOM – Thanksgiving Edition, and run / bike in circles on Friday at 7 at Forest Hill Park.

Next week: wrap up your Christmas Stache for charity on the 3rd at Dogpile.

Month after Next Month: Run a triangle with your pals (November = loops, January = Triangle). If you have not done an F3 CSAUP (or if you have to ask what a CSAUP is), then come out and join F3RVA on January 21 in the tradition of visiting 3 AO’s in one morning by way of your own hard work.

Be on the lookout for a recruiting effort. And, thank you to those helping with Breaking Bread this weekend.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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